Sequencing & Sampling: Metal workshop recordings

I am building up a sample library of material sounds throughout the project. I made some ambient recordings at the London Sculpture Workshop during the metal course. I have started to listen back to this material and consider the array of different acoustics involved with the process of working with the material. The raw recordings contain sounds including filing, hitting, welding and cutting using a variety of tools and from mulitple actions, this has provided an incredible amount of original sound sources.

Ableton Push 2: Working with samples

I am working with Push2 to work with the material, specifically for the new sampling workflow on the machine. This physcial controller interfaces directly with Ableton DAW but has great potential to link in other instruments and tactility for a live set. Push 2 enables you to work with the Simpler instrument and manipulate a sample in real time.  For the first test audio below (completely untreated and with no EQ or effects) I used the Slice setting on the Simpler to create fragments of the recorded audio. These slices can be defined manually, by transient or beats. The sampling potential of the PUSH2 is something I want to develop as part of the new live performance system for MATERIALITY. The next step is to practice live slicing in real time but also interact to with live sound sculptures as well as field recordings.


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