IMG_20180424_163638_487.jpgMATERIALITY will explore sound sculpture as a medium to interface with Ableton music software via Arduino & DIY electronics. Researching the sonic properties of glass & metal materials at London Sculpture Studio & the National Glass Centre will result in new sculptural instruments & a new physical/digital performance system. The process will be documented online with any code/schematics made available as open source. A live and online performance will take place at Access Space, part of algorithmic music event series Euler Room; with a work in progress demo of sculpture/electronics. The project will develop a new educational strand in DIY electronics and music production through development workshops with young women as part of BOTH SIDES NOW with Brighter Sound & GO COMPOSE with Yorkshire Women’s Sound Network. Materiality is funded by Arts Council England and will take place between April and August 2018.

MATERIALITY is a project by Vicky Clarke, sound artist and electronic musician.

Key Strands of the project

  • Artistic: Create sculptures and DIY instruments with electronics/wood/glass/metal
  • Materials knowledge: Working with metal and glass and investigate their resonant & capacitive properties. Skills in manipulating these materials.
  • Music Performance: develop a live system to integrate the physical and digital worlds via Ableton/Arduino/midi-sensors.  Develop sound design/sample library
  • Academic/Contextual: Explore theoretical and conceptual approaches/perspectives, research sound art history particularly musicians and artists making work with non-musical sounds and objects.

Follow the project

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